WARNING: This solution is NOT just for the big players.

How Any Business Owner Can Engage A Lead Immediately… Even If You Are Too Busy To Act

1000s of opportunities are literally thrown away everyday because businesses are too slow to react. We’ll handle the initial follow up for you. Here’s how!

How Many Customers Did You Lose This Month?

In today’s fast paced, competitive world, you need to act quickly to get attention. Often a simple acknowledgment that you have their enquiry is enough. But we go one step further. We’ll send that SMS and then call you to let you know that you have a new lead. You can then press any key to connect you with them. 

Never lose a sale again because of response delays

How Do We ENSURE Your Prospect Is Fully Engaged And Ready To Buy?

GREAT QUESTION – Here’s how we do it.

01. SMS Messages

We send an immediate message to your lead to introduce you, confirm you have their enquiry and let them know you’ll be in contact shortly.

02. Connect You Instantly

After the initial message, we call you to tell you to have a lead and what the name is. You can then press any key to be connected to them.

03. Two Way Messaging

Sometimes clients prefer to communicate by text message before they choose to speak to you. Our platform gives you a quick way to make contact.

04. Review Automation

We give you a one-click solution to request reviews from your customers. I think we all the power of local reviews on influencing a customer to buy.

05. Appointment Calendars

We have a built-in solution for allowing prospects to book appointment slots to speak to you. This can be automated through the initial SMS that goes out.

06. Call Recording

We record all inbound/outbound calls to prospects who use your designated phone number to call in. Great for replaying conversations and training.


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Instant Lead Follow Up

We make immediate contact with your lead via SMS

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